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Environmental conservation activities

OUTECH works on environmental activity positively.

OUTECH promotes Eco Drive, not only as means of the economic merit pursuit such as fuel oil cost cuts, but as an important action in environmental measures including reduction of the CO2 discharge and the accident prevention.

Eco Drive is the concept that by driving in consideration for environment (Ecology Drive), we protect environment and resources, which leads us to our easy driving (Economy Drive) economically at the same time.

The safety to a guest is also secured by keeping our eye wide open for calm driving.

We participate in RECOO to practice Eco Drive.

By participating in RECOO, we grasp the fuel use situations (the mileage and fuel consumption) of our all vehicles and can make our plans for the improvement of fuel efficiency, and a cost cut. In addition, we can raise awareness of environmental measures in the company more than before by managing mileage data.

*”RECOO” is a coined word with the meaning of “the reduce CO2 (CO2 reduction)”. “RECOO” is a service to support various Eco Drive regardless of an individual or a corporation, aiming at a proposal of the quantity of CO2 outbreak by spreading and expanding the practice of Eco Drive.


Concrete Actions to Eco Drive

  • eSoftly accelerated “e start”
  • eearlier accelerator off
  • estop idling
  • eaggressive use of the vehicle information
  • edrive without unnecessary luggage piling up
  • edrive with less picking up and slowing down of the speed
  • ethe modest use of air-conditioner
  • edrive with the appropriate warm-up
  • ebrisk check of the air pressure of tires on a car
  • eattention to the parking bay