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Company Visit, Inspection Plan

How is the use of our car and limousine services for your company visit, plant or store inspection ?

We can send your guest to the destinations safely and comfortably in place of you (person in charge of the company).
We can provide you our English Speaking planner for your guest from foreign countries.

A car suitable for the businesses, luxurious limousine, Benz, or Mini Van, suitable for the smaller number of people, and so on, are available.

You can handle even tight schedule easily with our car and limousine services.

If you feel inconvenient to handle schedule, with meetings packed for every hour, with a taxi, please use our car and limousine services.

Since we can wait until your meeting is over at each destination, you can move quickly and smoothly.

You can predict time in advance even for inspection in the suburbs.

In case of inspection to suburban plants or shops, public transportation would be inconvenient, and you may feel uneasy since you cannot predict time in advance.
On the occasion of the inspection to the suburbs with the tight schedule, please use car and limousine services of OUTECH which can be flexible even for your sudden requests on the day.