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Event Plan

Please use our Car and Limousine Services on various types of special occasions in your life, including weddings, wedding anniversary, baby birth, and so on.
A planner of OUTECH helps you to direct your memorable day in life for you, through his (or her) refined attend.
You can choose the type of car from our selection of vehicles, such as an inexpensive medium size of limousine, luxurious limousine, Benz, best fit to your special day, or a 13-seater Minibus, etc., in accordance with your purpose, number of people, and so on.

The Happy Wedding

Wedding ceremony is the important scene where the two promise everlasting love, surrounded by new family, important people. A Planner of OUTECH creates the memorial day, only once in their life.
With the higher rank of hospitality and services, you cannot expect for a conventional car services, you don’t need to worry about the movement of the day at all. We promise the best smiles of bridegroom, bride, and relatives.

To bridegroom・bride

Why don’t you move by a spacious high quality limousine before wedding, after wedding, to the second party, to the third party, and get luxurious feeling ?
The movement by high-class car should enliven the happy feeling of two people who reached the best day in their life, more.

For relatives

Please use a high quality limousine for relatives from far places by all means so that they can feel the day as very special one.
By our convenient and reliable limousine, they can move around safely even in an unfamiliar town, to them, Tokyo. They can enjoy the brightest day from the bottom of their hearts, we believe.

As “Tokyo Sightseeing Tour” Present

How about the present of Tokyo Sightseeing Tours, in thanks for your parents, relatives, and friends who kindly attended at your wedding ceremony ?
We meet them from their staying hotel to sightseeing spots, shopping, their way back home.
They can enjoy their Tokyo sightseeing without worrying about their baggage and the time.

Anniversary Plan

Why don’t you stage the important memorial day, such as wedding anniversary or birthday with our limousine luxuriously ? You can transform your celebratory dinner and outing into special time and space only by using our limousine services.
Planners of OUTECH will help you to create your memorable anniversary day, through their plan and attend with full of hospitality, suitable to anniversary day.

For outing to the place of memory of the two

A planner of OUTECH who knows “present Tokyo” well, helps you to make your plan, for going around the places of memory of two people, shopping for some presents, and the theatergoing.

Since you can drink even in the car, you can enjoy the night view tour while relaxing in the car.

For the pickup to a wonderful restaurant

Please use our car and limousine services for the pickup from/to the home to/from a restaurant.
The pickup by a luxurious limousine makes an important memorial day a much more memorable one.

For the petit luxurious door-to-door excursion

The trip without the transfer of means of transportation is the best luxury for the middle-aged people.
It is most suitable as the surprise present from a husband to a wife.

Surprise Present

Hearing your request in advance, for examples, for outing by a couple on an anniversary day, or for giving your parents a surprise present, such as the sightseeing tour of Tokyo, the Kanto neighboring area, with daily thanks to them, a planner of OUTECH will make the best plan for you.
Another surprise present, such as the proposal to a lover in a car, preparing flower bouquet secretly in a car trunk, please leave those surprise presents performance to us.
We support it from full preparation in advance.

Welcome baby

For the gentle movement for a newly born baby and the mom who just finished delivery and also for a family, please use OUTECH.
For the movement from a hospital to the home, for outing for events, such as the omiyamairi, our planner installs a baby sheet for newborn babies inside car beforehand and meet you. If you choose Van type car, then your grandfather and grandmother also can move together.

Welcome Baby Plan Amenities

.Free rental of baby sheet

.We can prepare the doughnut type cushion for mother after the delivery.

.Our planner drives, wearing a mask as consideration of the hygiene side.
If there is your request in advance, we would prepare masks for all of you as well.