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Three reasons why we can offer impressive experiences to you

Outech holds a line against other limousine companies because we started our business as a travel company.
Our symbol is “Planner”, which is unique to Outech.
In general, taxi company staff neither makes out an itinerary nor escorts the customers. However, in Outech, our Planner hear your requests directly, makes out a special itinerary for you, and escort you throughout your tour or visit with a sense of responsibility, which is the reason why we can offer outstanding service.
Now, our planning ability and escort skill have achieved the standard at global level, which meets the requirements of executives from overseas.
Here are three reasons why we are chosen, and why we can offer impressive experiences to you.

}Unbeatable Internationality

The largest number of English speaking drivers in Japan

Our strength is the internationality such as escort skill with an established reputation by executives and celebrities from overseas, and 24 Hour support both in English and Japanese, and much more.

}Tailored service to your needs
with our planning ability, entertainment, and hospitality

Meeting each customer’s request, Outech can tailor our services to your needs, and offer you fun and pleasant time with our hospitality.
By our on-the-spot training at tourist sites, and with our information sharing by IT terminals and SNS networks, we can design any plan for you for various destinations from regular tourist sites to the most current hot-spots.
We also always work hard to create new services which would completely satisfy your needs.

}Safe and good time for everyone with our Universality

Outech’s Universality is based on the company philosophy.
“We’d like everyone - including the elderly or challenged people - go out using our limousine to have good time.”
With this strong passion, we offer fine service with the utmost care and attention, which is above and beyond the quality of service specified in the manual.

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