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Sightseeing Plan


Tokyo Sightseeing

You can make your own free sightseeing plan, putting only the places where you want to go together.

Japanese food

Tokyo One day Tour

This is the tour, visiting sightseeing spots in Tokyo in 6 hours. We prepare various courses of tours, including from the popular spots to the deep areas.


Tokyo Half day Tour

This is the tour, putting popular spots compactly, touring around in 3 hours in Tokyo. You can spend your time while staying in Tokyo, significantly !

Made-to-order Tokyo Sightseeing
Our planner makes a suitable plan for you, to meet your required theme, and introduces it to you.

Sightseeing Plan

As for Tokyo and its suburban sightseeing, please leave it to a planner of OUTECH. According to your request, including the places you want to see, and you want to go, our planner, who is also a master of Tokyo Tours, produces best time and space for you.
For visitors from foreign countries, our English Speaking Planner, and English Speaking Tour Guide would be in charge. Please use their services by all means.
You can choose the type of car from our selection, such as medium size limousine,
luxurious limousine, Benz, Minibus (with max.13 passengers), and so on, in accordance with your number of people, your purpose, etc.


Business Business

If you want to learn the highest technology in Japan

There are a lot of techniques and hi-tech factories in Japan, to be proud of to the world, such as cars, robots, precision mechanical equipment, and so on. We can make a plan for the effective inspection training for you.


Shopping Shopping

If you want to enjoy shopping in Japan

Please enjoy your shopping in Ginza and Akihabara, including the high sense of fashion, and the household electrical appliances of the new model, and so on. In addition, we can take part in the negotiation of the price in Japanese for you.

Japanese culture

Japanese culture Japanese culture

If you want to know culture, the manner and customs in Japan

How about being involved in a Japanese tradition and customs in an interval of you busy business, and spending your time for your healing ? You would be impressed by the Japanese delicate and refined peculiar cultures.

Martial Arts

Martial ArtsMartial Arts

If you want to experience Japanese martial arts

There are various martial arts in Japan, including judo, kendo, karate, aikido, and sumo, and there are many lovers of them all over the world. It is also appreciated as the way of mind cultivation among the executives in particularly. How about feeling martial arts’ spirits by experiencing martial arts of Japan.



If you want to stroll through shitamachi (lower) area in Tokyo

In contrast to modern Tokyo where many high-rise buildings stands in a row, there is an area called shitamachi (lower) in downtown Tokyo where you can still see old arrangements of houses and you can still feel some nostalgic atmosphere from old Edo period. How about walking around the area ? Let’s feel human empathy of Edoites, and learn the smart way of their life that is their sense of beauty, by interchanging with people living there.

Japanese food

Japanese food

If you want to thoroughly enjoy Japanese food

Are you fully satisfied only with popular sushi, tempura, and so on ? If not, please contact us. Our planner is daily trying hard to get useful information on Japanese food restaurants with good reputation, from first class fancy Japanese-style restaurants to local/casual Japanese food restaurants in shitamachi. Your impressive Japanese food gourmet experience would heal the fatigue from your trip.



If you want to experience Japanese subculture

Subculture that used to be a hobby and the entertainment just for fanboys, now gets citizenship as a world youth culture. And here in Tokyo, there are sacred places of various genres including comics, an animated cartoon, a game, and the idol. At first, how about playing in the maid café of the recent topics ?

About Interpreter Tour Guides of OUTECH

Professional Tour Guides who broke through a tough gualifying examination

Interpreter Tour Guides of OUTECH are all professional interpreters who exceeded “Interpreter Tour Guide national qualifying examination” with the pass rate of teen percentage or less , depending on the language.
On this test, not only language skills, but wide range of knowledge on Japanese geography, Japanese history, and also Japanese industry, economy, and culture are demanded.
At the same time, communication capability, and also even human quality being required, it should be one of the toughest national qualifying tests.
Furthermore, by Interpreter Tour Guide Law, which was revised in the year Heisei 18th, they are obliged to make their best efforts constantly in maintaining and improving their ability and knowledge through training.