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2019.09.05 [Happiness・Episode / Sightseeing/ Yuichi Sakai Planner]

Hiking at Mt. Fuji

My guest for the day was an 81 year-old woman from Australia. For her trip, we went on a hiking tour of Mt. Fuji. I met up with my guest at her hotel to confirm the plans for the day before leaving. On the way to Mt. Fuji, we stopped by the local grocery store to buy some lunch. Since my guest had requested a gluten free meal, she got a sashimi rice bowl. I put the food in the cooler I brought. During the ride, she seemed impressed by the spectacular view of the mountains covered by a sea of clouds. After some time, we arrived to Mt. Fuji’s fifth station and packed up for our hike there.

mt.fuji trekking

I chose the easier trail called “the Ochudo Trail” for this day, which did not have many ups and downs. I made sure that she was confortable once again for my guests’ safety, before we started hiking. My guest loved the scenery of the Oak trees on the trail. While we were walking, the fog cleared and we were able to see the dense forest of Aokigahara, Lake Motosuko and Lake Kawaguchiko.


After about an hour of hiking, my guest and I finally reached our goal and arrived to our destination. We took a break and had lunch there.

lunch time

Then it was time for us to head back. We took breaks more frequently on our way back, and after a while, we finally made it back down to the fifth station. Since we had some time after the hike, I suggested stopping by Lake Kawaguchiko on the way back to Tokyo. My guest liked the idea, so we had a relaxing time visiting the lake. Although there was a little traffic on the way back, we arrived in Shinjuku, Tokyo, after about two hours of driving.

It was a beautiful day despite the weather forecast, and the Ochudo trail was the perfect choice for a short hike. I was very glad that my guest was able to have a fun and full day at Mt. Fuji.

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