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Our Planner

Outech calls our driver “Planner”.

Outech started business as a travel company with the passion for the elderly and challenged people, that is “to offer service they can use easily as many times as they like, for any occasion such as travel, shopping, theater going and so on, using our low cost limousines.”
However, it was difficult to convey every staff’s passion to our customers because one tour involved too many staff at that time. Itinerary was made out by a planner, customers were escorted by an escorting staff, and vehicle was driven by a driver.
Then, we decided to assign one Planner to be in charge of everything including driving for one group/individual.
Now, we are expanding our business globally, and our major clients are firms and individuals from overseas, but our passion is the same as when we started business, which is “to be the best planner for any customer”.
Our Planner will keep a sincere attitude toward work with the pride, and also follow the plan-do-check-act cycle.


Tailored service to your needs with our “My Planner” system

The role of Outech Planner is to meet your any requirements. For our better service, we have a system called “My Planner.”
You can choose your favorite Planner from next time. For Planner, it means being chosen and highly appreciated by you.
All of our planner always do one’s best in serving you, and after being chosen by you, our Planner will offer the finest service suitable for each of you with high motivation and the pride.

Benefit of “My Planner” system

Comfortable ride by a reliable driver

You can rest assured of comfortable ride every time because the reliable Planner who is chosen by you, and has the driving skills you already know, will drive for you.

Smooth communication in fluent English

For the guest from overseas, you don’t have to be concerned about the planner’s English communication skill because you already know it.

Fine-tuned service

The chosen Planner can provide fine service satisfying your demands, such as offering your favorite topic of conversation, or adjusting room temperature in the same way as the previous time, because already know your preferences and interests so well.