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Business Plan

Please utilize our car and limousine services in every scenes of the business such as pick up at Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, or a company visit, inspection, and so on.

We prepared various types of car, such as luxurious limousine, Benz, best suited to welcome important guests, or high quality of Van, you can choose the size, depending on the number of your guests, and so on.

Our planner who acquired business etiquettes supports your important guest.                   For the visitor from foreign countries, you can use our services, to be conducted by the planner, proficient at  English or other foreign languages, or by the English Tour Guide.

}Narita Airport, Haneda Airport pickup

The pickup plan from Narita, Haneda Airport, to the place in 23 wards of Tokyo.  With the visitor who is important for your company, a planner of OUTECH takes you to the destinations you like.

There is “the Narita Airport Executive Plan”, performing our attend by two of our staffs, the meet staff and the planner.

English Speaking Planner, luxurious limousine, Benz, Mini Van, suitable for smaller number of people, and so on, are also available.

}Company Visit, Inspection Plan

We send your guest to companies, plants, or stores safely and comfortably in place of the company person in charge.

We can provide our English Speaking Planner for your guest from foreign countries.

We can also provide a car, suitable for business purposes, luxurious limousine, Benz, or Mini Van, and so on.

}Golf Plan

We can arrange the round-trip pickup to the Tokyo neighboring golf course on your business entertainment.
An important guest is taken to and from with door-to-door base .
Luxurious limousine, Benz, Mini Van, suitable for smaller number of people, and so on, are also available.

The reason why OUTECH is strong in business.

There are many planners who are proficient in English and other foreign languages in OUTECH.

In OUTECH, many planners with TOEIC Score over 700, and also with high capability of speaking foreign languages other than English are registered.
Since they are the planners who acquired business etiquettes and a global sense as well as conversation skills, their correspondence and communication with your overseas important guest, is very smooth. With a lot of experience with overseas celebrities and VIP, you can entrust a task to them in peace.

Bilingual operators support customers for 24 hours.

OUTECH supports the business of the customers for 24 hours a day.
If even the overseas guest who cannot speak Japanese is in trouble, he/she could be supported by our bilingual operator in a courteous manner, if required.
In addition, for reservation and inquiry, we cope for 24 hours a day, and please feel free to contact us anytime.