Tokyo Airport Transfer & Private Tour

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At Outech, our Safety Team takes every precaution and safety measure seriously, dedicating themselves daily to the comfort and well-being of every client.

Measures to Prevent Accidents

Measures to Guarantee you a Safe and Comfortable Journey

Outech’s Commitment to Safety:
・Maintain strict safety standards and protocols
・Uphold precise operational standards
・Perform thorough and regular inspections of our entire fleet
・Mandate satisfactory completion of driver training programs
・Routinely monitor the health and fitness of drivers
・Provide staff access to mental health management programs



Safety always comes first.

Our Safety Team’s main responsibilities are divided into two key areas, the first being the implementation of our driver and vehicle safety programs. We provide extensive driver training to our Outdoor Planners while also repairing and maintaining our entire fleet of cars. Secondly, we administer Outech’s employee health program, which sets strict standards for our Outdoor Planners’ hours and work environment. In order to further ensure safety, we perform precautionary health exams and blood alcohol level tests prior to every assignment.

The Safety Team also continuously monitors environmental circumstances and traffic to detect any adverse driving conditions. With this information, we keep Outdoor Planners up to date on all key developments and possible hazards.

Safety Measures (Technology)