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Outech believes that delivering first-class service means providing our clients a luxurious, comfortable ride, which can also be stimulating and exciting! Our company blog is regularly updated by our Outdoor Planners with notes and photographs featuring the fun and exciting services we offer all of our clients. You can also view trip journals written by our drivers, and get to know your dedicated Outdoor Planner before you arrive in Tokyo.
*Please let us know if you would like to request a specific Outdoor Planner for your trip.

  • Michihiro SakaiPlanner

    2020/11/20 Point-to-Point Michihiro Sakai Planner


    Services:Narita Airport Returnee Transfer Guest:Female guest from Mexico
    Tour report:「単調な移動を楽しい移動に」「Hospitality & Entertainmentで世界・・・

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  • Kazuma MachidaPlanner

    2020/11/13 Point-to-Point Kazuma Machida Planner


    Services:Haneda Airport Transportation Guest:Female guest from Taiwan
    Tour report:アウテックでは、空港から宿泊施設等へお送りの際にゲストの皆さまに少しでも車内で楽しく快適にお過ごしい・・・

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  • Ryoko NihonmatsuPlanner

    2020/11/06 Point-to-Point Ryoko Nihonmatsu Planner


    Services:Narita and Hande Airport Transportation Guest:Returnee
    Tour report:帰国者様への空港ハイヤー送迎をスタートして、たくさんのゲストの皆さまにご利用いただき、また素晴らしい・・・

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  • Yuichi SakaiPlanner

    2020/10/30 Point-to-Point Yuichi Sakai Planner


    Services:Point to point service from Tokyo to Hakone Guest:3 female guests
    Tour report:東京もGoToトラベルキャンペーンが開始になり、東京都民の皆さまや都外からの皆さまが東京へおでかけに・・・

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  • Kazuya MurakamiPlanner

    2020/10/20 Point-to-Point Kazuya Murakami Planner


    Services:Haneda Airport Transportation Guest:Family for 2 from India
    Tour report:2週間前にアウテックを使ってくださったゲストのご家族様(奥様とご息女様)を羽田空港から都内のご自宅へ・・・

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