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2019.07.26 [ Surprise・Episode / Point-to-Point/ Yushin Pang Planner]

Chinese Speaking Service

I had received a request for a simple transfer service to Narita airport by my guest from Taiwan. I picked up my guest from her hotel in Tokyo and left for the airport.

I explained our in-car service in English at first, however I noticed my guest’s last name was Chinese. I asked her if she speaks Chinese, just in case, to which she answered, “Yes!” I told my guest where I am from and that I also spoke Chinese. My guest seemed very happy and said, “Let’s talk in Chinese then!”


We had a great conversation about places to visit in Tokyo and the reason why I moved to Japan during our trip. I was also glad that my guest loved our in-car snacks and a postcard I had prepared. It meant a lot to me when my guest told me to let her know when I go to Taiwan, giving me her card.

Then my guest took some rest for a while, and I let her know when we were ten-minute away from our destination. When we arrived to the airport, we exchanged our numbers and took a selfie together. I thanked my guest for the day and ended the service.


It was my first time speaking with one of my guests in Chinese. Since I was confident about my language, I was able to enjoy talking about many different topics as well. I would like to continue improving my Japanese and English so that I can provide better and better services in all of the languages I speak.

Please let us know if you would like to request a Yushin Pang Outdoor Planner for your trip.

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