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2019.05.24 [Happiness・Episode / Sightseeing/ Minoru Okawa Planner]

Sightseeing and Watching Sumo in Tokyo

I had been requested to give a tour for my guests, an American family of two parents and daughter, who I had had the pleasure of guiding before in the past. I went to pick up my guests at their hotel in a Toyota Crown in the pouring rainy weather. As the daughter saw me there, she ran to me, waving her hand, and gave me a big high five.
In the car, we confirmed the plan for the day. My guests decided to go with the original of visiting Kappabashi Street and Asakusa.

Firstly, we headed to Kappabashi Street, which is known as the kitchenware town of Tokyo. The husband was searching for a cooking knife. I took my guests to the kitchen knife store I personally recommended called Cutlery Tsubaya. After checking out several other stores, my guests liked Cutlery Tubaya the best, and he bought a Japanese chef’s knife, called a Gyuto, there. We visited a couple more stores since the wife wanted to get some traditional rice bowls. My guests were happy to get all of the items they wanted.



After having a lunch break in Asakusa, I took my guests to Nakamise Shopping Street, Sensoji Temple and some other shops in the area. They loved the Japanese hairpin shop very much. The staff I knew at the shop helped us and showed how to make cool hairstyles with my guest’s hair. She bought four hairpins there.


Then we headed to Ryogoku Sumo Arena to watch sumo. We started watching from the top division at 3:40pm. My guests had reserved the tatami box seat for four people, and it was very close to the ring. At first, I explained about the traditions and rules of Japanese sumo using the books I had brought along with me. There were many matches in sequence, one after another, so I explained about each wrestler. My guests were very curious and asked me lots of questions. I was very glad that they had so much fun watching sumo.


At the end of the tour, it was the time to head back. We talked about where else my guests would like to visit during this trip. They told me that they were interested in Yanesen comprises the areas of Yanaka, Nezu and Sendagi and TeamLab exhibition in the bay area.

When it was time for me to go, I thanked my guests for an amazing day and gave them each a warm handshake. The daughter kept waving at me when I left. I was very glad to see my guests having such a great time during the tour.

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