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2019.06.19 [Happiness・Episode / Point-to-Point/ Shunji Okuhira Planner]

Wheelchair User Friendly Service

I had been requested for a simple transfer from Shinagawa station to the hotel by my guest, who was visiting Japan from the USA. My guest was a wheelchair user, and I chose the Toyota luxury minivan Alphard to ensure a comfortable passage for the drive.


I picked up my guest at the bullet train arrival platform in Shinagawa station on time. He had already traveled Tokyo and Kyoto and he was going back to America in two days. My guest said he had a wonderful time in Kyoto, visiting many places such as shrines and temples with his guide. We headed to the parking lot, and I went to get the car and assisted my guest with getting seated. My guest took a picture of our in-car service and said he was very pleased with the accommodation. I was glad he liked our service.


On our way to the hotel, we had a great conversation. My guest told me that it was his first time traveling outside of the states and how much fun he had on his trip. He especially liked the food in Japan. His plan was to spend the last two days with his friends in Tokyo, so I introduced some of my recommendations for places to visit around his hotel.

I asked my guest why he had chosen Japan as a destination of his first trip overseas. My guest said that he has been interested in Japanese culture, history and anime since he had participated in the school event called “Japan day” when he was in the third grade. We also talked about my own experience studying abroad in Australia and the current situation of public accessibility in Japan.

After a short drive, we arrived to my guest’s hotel. I helped my guest with getting out from the car and unloading all of his belongings. At the end, I thanked my guest and handed him some snacks as a gift from myself. My guest seemed happy and said, “Thank you for your help! It was really nice talking to you!”


Please let us know if you would like to request a Shunji Okuhira Outdoor Planner for your trip.

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