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2019.08.16 [Happiness・Episode / Point-to-Point/ 河村ニコル Planner]

Airport Transfer with In-Car Service

I had received a request for a transfer service from Narita Airport to my guest’s hotel in Asakusa. My guests were a family of four from the United States. I picked them up from the airport in Narita. After introducing our in-car service, we left the airport for their hotel. As a part of the in-car service, I prepared soda and bottled water, as well as some snacks. The father seemed excited and said it was his first time having soda in six months. My guests were also curious about the peach flavored KitKat bars, a seasonal flavor in Japan.



It was my guests’ first time visiting Japan. They were planning to visit Osaka and Kyoto as well, and the father wanted to get a tattoo during their stay in Japan. Since my guests were interested in the scenery during the ride, I explained that Narita Airport is located in the suburbs of Chiba prefecture, not in Tokyo. After traveling through rice paddies and fields full of greenery, we finally arrived in Tokyo. I also recommended some places to visit nearby my guests’ hotel, such as Tokyo Skytree Tower and Asakusa temple. When we were about to arrive at the hotel, we passed by Asahi Beer headquarters building. I told my guests that the sculpture on top is well known as “The Golden Poo”, my guests burst out laughing!


Luckily there was no traffic on the way, and we arrived to the hotel after one hour of driving. Thanks to my guests, the whole ride was very fun! It was very grateful to help this amazing family. I am beyond excited to provide more guests an enjoyable service in the future.

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