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2019.12.20 [ Surprise・Episode / Point-to-Point/ Nanami Matsumoto Planner]

Surprise Christmas Presents

My guests of the day were two men from America. My guests had requested an airport transfer service. Before heading over, I prepared some handcrafted Christmas cards to use as business cards.

Handmade Christmas card

I picked up my guests from Narita airport and explained about our in-car service. My guests had never been to Japan before and they were very excited to see the town. During the ride, I showed my guests around the Narita area, where the airport is located. We also talked about the popular places to visit in Tokyo, train rush hours, the frequency of highway traffic jams, and about their plans while staying in Tokyo.

My guests said that they were going to Ginza area the next day. I gave them some recommendations around the area, such as eating sushi in Tsukiji, visiting Tokyo Christmas Market, experiencing Ninja training, and watching a Kabuki show or Sumo match. My guests said, “Actually, nearly all of the things you said are already in our plan!”
I was surprised that my guests had made such a perfect plan.

While we were chatting, we finally got to the hotel in Tokyo. While dropping off my guests, I surprised them with the Christmas gifts I brought for them. I got my guests some snacks, a bottle of champagne and a Christmas card.

Surprise Christmas Presents

My guests delightfully said, “That’s really kind! We really appreciate this!” I thanked my guests for the day and finished the service, hoping their experience with us would be a great way to kick-off their stay in Japan.

Please let us know if you would like to request a Nanami Matsumoto Outdoor Planner for your trip.

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