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2020.01.17 [Happiness・Episode / Point-to-Point/ Ken Mamiya Planner]

In-Car Cultural Exchange

Introducing the culture of Japan and answering questions from guests are a big part of the duty of our private limo service drivers. We believe that providing all of the information that guests would like to know improves the overall travel experience of our guests.

ic-car cultural exchange

I had received an airport transfer request from an Australian couple in their 70s. I picked up my guest from Narita airport, and we hit the road to their hotel in Tokyo. On our way, my guests and I had such great time talking since I had studied abroad in Australia previously. My guests told me about their family, and we talked about the Aussie accent. We also enjoyed comparing the various statistics between Japan and Australia, such as the area of land, population, salary, tax rate, and property value. My guests were very surprised about the price and size of some of the high-rise condominiums in Tokyo bay area. I also introduced them to Japanese whiskey, which is very popular item worldwide, nowadays.

My guests asked me to take a route with the best view, as they were not in rush. I decided to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Rainbow bridge

My guests had so much fun checking out all of the landmarks and buildings on the way. There was a ten-minute delay due to the traffic on this route, however my guests seemed very happy and satisfied once we arrived to the hotel. After introducing our private tour service, it was time to drop off my guests. I thanked them all for the fun time and wished their trip to be a fantastic one.

Please let us know if you would like to request a Ken Mamiya Outdoor Planner for your trip.

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