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2019.09.13 [ Surprise・Episode / Sightseeing/ Shunji Okuhira Planner]

Sightseeing in Harajuku and Ginza

I had received a request for a two-day private tour for my guests, two siblings from Malaysia. They requested the tour while I was giving them a simple transfer service from the airport. The first day after their arrival, I went to pick up my guests from their hotel. My guests were very happy that I had prepared their favorite snacks and drinks in the car.


Since that day was their brother’s 10th birthday, we decided to do whatever he would like to do. The first thing he chose to do was to go to the ferret café in Harajuku. However, the café was closed all morning due to a typhoon, so I took my guests to shopping at Takeshita Street instead. My guests decided to go back to the hotel until the café reopened. While my guests were taking a break in their hotel, I searched some shops that had capsule toy machines of Pokémon featured cat toys that my guests were specifically looking for.


I picked up my guests from the hotel again and took them to the museum in Ginza as we planed. They were very happy that I found a store that had capsule machines and asked me to go try five times while they were at the museum.

After that, my guests’ mother joined to the tour. When I picked up my guests at the museum, they noticed the five capsule toys. My guests were very excited and loved all the toys I got. Then I took my guests to the ferret café. When they came back from the café, they told me how much fun they had with the ferrets.


After all the events of the day were finished, I dropped my guests off at their hotel. I handed them a birthday gift for their brother as well as a bag full of snacks I had got during my free time. My guests said, “It was the best birthday ever! Thank you so much, we will definitely let you know when we come to Tokyo again!”


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