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2019.12.13 [Happiness・Episode / Sightseeing/ Shiho Ohtsu Planner]

A Sightseeing Tour with Special Recommendations

I had two ladies from Kagawa Prefecture as my guests for a private sightseeing tour. On our tour, we visited the row of gingko trees along the street near Meiji Jingu Shrine. We drove to see the new national stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games and the surrounding government district. We also went to see the Yasukuni Shrine. After that, since my guests mentioned their hobby of visiting temples and shrines, I recommended visiting the Hie Shrine. Hie Shrine is the only shrine in Japan that has escalators. My guests were very interested, so I dropped them off there. My guests came back and excitingly said, “The purification water came out automatically! What a modern shine!” Then my guests requested to have lunch break in stylish Omotesando area. My guests picked our lunch destination from my restaurant recommendation list.

Tokyo Private tour

After our lunch, we visited Zojoji Temple, near Tokyo Tower. They loved the beautiful collaboration of the temple and the tower. I helped my guests by taking photos of them.

Tokyo Private tour

I asked my guests where to drop them off after the tour and their plans for the night. They said they were not sure, with a slight worried look. After brainstorming, I suggested some ideas of places to go, such as Roppongi, which had pretty Christmas lights and Tokyo Christmas Market. After my guests thought it over, they made up their mind to visit the filming location of their favorite TV series in Ebisu.

After finishing the tour in Ebisu, my guests asked for my business card and said, “We had so much fun today! Thank you for introducing us to so many cool places. It was a great tour!” I was very glad that my guests liked all the destinations and activities I had recommended to them.

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