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2019.11.29 [ Surprise・Episode / Point-to-Point/ Shunji Okuhira Planner]

A Free One-Spot Sightseeing Service

My guests on this day were a couple from England. They requested a simple transfer service from Hakone to their hotel in Tokyo. They wanted to see Mt. Fuji on the way, since they were not able to see the mountain during their stay, due to the rain. When I met my guests at their hotel in Hakone, I told them that we were going to pass by Mt. Fuji. They were very excited.

During the ride, my guests told me that they could not see the mountain either from a ropeway in Hakone or from Lake Ashi, because of the bad weather. I suggested stopping by the Lake Ashi, as the one-spot sightseeing during the transportation.

When we get off at the Lake Ashi, my guests looked very happy and impressed with the clear view of the lake and the mountain. They said, “So beautiful! This is what we wanted to see!” and took many pictures, and I also helped taking a photo of my guests there. I was very glad they enjoyed the service.

One Stop service for Mount Fuji

There was traffic on the way to Tokyo, so the ride took a little longer than usual. I had great time talking with my guests during the trip. My guests shared their memories from the trip and the stories how they love Japan with me. We arrived to their hotel, and I assisted with unloading my guests’ belongings. My guests said, “Thank you for everything! It was such a fun ride because of you!” I shook hands with my guests and wished them a great trip.

Please let us know if you would like to request a Shunji Okuhira Outdoor Planner for your trip.

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