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2020.01.31 [ Surprise・Episode / Sightseeing/ Suwa Planner]

Big Surprise by Three of Us

My guests for the day were a family of eight from South Africa. They had requested a private sightseeing tour in Kawagoe City, Saitama, a historical town located about 30 minutes away from the center of Tokyo. The family had been using our private tour service for the past two days, and two of our Outdoor Planners had worked for them as well. These two Outdoor Planners and I had prepared a surprise wine bottle for my guests and planned to gift it to them that day.

Firstly, we arrived to Kawagoe, and my guests went to explore the main street during the morning. Since my guests requested Italian food for lunch, I made a reservation for a table at an Italian restaurant. After my guests came back from the stroll, it was the time for lunch. I took them to the restaurant and helped them with ordering their meals. When everyone sat down at the table, I surprised my guests with the special bottle of wine. They all looked very excited and said, “Oh my goodness, my sweeties!” Everyone was very happy and started taking photos of the wine. Our surprise was a success!

surprise gift

Since one of my guests mentioned that she loves sake, I decided to run to get sake while they were having lunch. I visited the local Tourist Association where they offer local sake tasting. I got two mini casks of sake, one to drink and one to take back home. I went back to the restaurant and gifted my guests the cask sake. They were totally astonished again!

Japanese Sake gifts

After sightseeing, we headed back to my guests’ hotel. Luckily there was no traffic on the way. I unloaded their belongings and assisted their grandfather with getting out of the car. The grandfather kept holding my hand, so I assisted him all the way to the hotel lobby. My guests looked amazed and said, “Our grandfather usually wouldn’t hold hands with anybody, except his close friends. You must be special! Come visit us in Cape Town!” It was a very touching moment. I hope my guests had a memorable experience exploring Japan with us.

Please let us know if you would like to request a Suwa Outdoor Planner for your trip.

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