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2019.10.04 [Happiness・Episode / Sightseeing/ Shiho Ohtsu Planner]

Tokyo Bay Night View Tour

I had a great opportunity to take my guests from Nagoya, three ladies in their 70’s, on a private tour. My guests’ request was to see the night views of the Tokyo bay area. I selected a Mercedes Benz S550L sedan for the ride. My guests were very excited about the luxurious car ride.

To begin the tour with, I took my guests to the Fuji TV headquarters while their observation deck was still open. My guests went to explore the inside of the Fuji TV building. Since the sun has not set yet when they came back from Fuji TV, I decided to give my guests a driving tour. We went to see the famous giant Gundam statue and the venue for the upcoming Olympic games. My guests seemed thrilled when we went to Wangan Police Station, which has been the stage of several popular TV series and movies.

Tokyo Night View Tour Fuji Television

As the sun finally started setting, I took my guests to a great spot I knew, where you can see a lot of beautiful scenery. We walked through Odaiba Seaside Park, which will also be a venue for the Olympic triathlon in 2020. My guests were fascinated by the panorama of Tokyo bay with the Rainbow Bridge and Yakatabune, the traditional diner boats. I helped my guests take some photos of them there. Then we walked through the Aqua City shopping mall and saw the Statue of Liberty. It was already dark out, and my guests enjoyed the spectacular views of the city lights over the port. My guests were very happy and said, “I had no idea it would be this impressive! You cannot see a night view like this outside of Tokyo!”

Rainbow Bridge Tokyo Night Vie Tour

Tokyo Bay Night Tour

Before heading back, there was a little time left. My guests wanted to buy some sweets for souvenirs, so we stopped by Tokyo station. Then we headed back to the hotel and dropped my guests off there. As the tour was ending, my guests said with satisfied smiles, “We are back just on time. Keep up the great work!”

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